I have described! Kris Jenner congratulated Khloé Kardashian and published the sad pictures


On the occasion of his birthday instagram Kris Jennerhe decided to break the silence and share with his nearly 35 million followers, my love. With platform photos, the secular opened his heart and shared nine photos, which show the evolution of their not so little daughter. Although it was a nice gesture, not realizing that Khloé Kardashian from all the hate, who celebrated their physical changes.

Through its official account Instagramthe midwife wrote: “happy birthday, dear, special. I hope that, as the brightness in your day today, my beauty… You’re the daughter, sister, aunt, friend, and perhaps surprisingly, you and the whole world for his precious daughters!”. Compared to birth, from the past, from dynasty The Kardashian-Jennerin this, Chris esmero much more and exteriorizó all your emotions.

In a post that got at least 1 million reactions from his followers. Kris Jenner still exposure: “What a spectacular mom you are! I’m proud of you for what you are and how loving and rich soul with a smile that lights up every room that you can walk… always cheer everyone and you are the best presenter of all.” And it seems that this is one of the daughter, favorite womensince its initiation, it turned out, more.

To complete an emotional moment, said, “Thank you for being so easy in my life and a big part of my heart I love you sweetie, what a blessing you are! Oh Yes, I told you that you’re beautiful inside and out? I love you, love mom. Among the photos, which showed that the mother is a celebrity, those photos were forgotten. A decent camera in recent years, allows to see the evolution Khloé Kardashianstep-by-step.

Kris Jenner he tried to look away from hate, because the picture, you print an impressive image, which is supposed to be her daughter woman. Even so, there are lots of photos of their children, which could see in the type of a fascinating metamorphosis. A few week Khloé was a trend, a pulse, you hate claimed that it was “chameleon”, the number of changes on the face.