It igualita! Model, surprised at his resemblance to Chun-Li’ Street Fighter’


We know that all fans of the game very clogged, but there is one that another plane, doing everything to resemble their favorite characters. Yes, it físicoculturista, which affected the whole world, and the player, thanks to similar to the one that you luchadoras better known Street Fighter.

This is the story Yuan Herong, a well-known model and athlete, fitness China, which went viral seem that really came out of the famous fighting game from Capcom, to be exact has a great similarity with CHoon Lee.

It all started when the doctor walked in a few photos where there was a big cosplay this characterbecause in addition to wear the costume is not like what we have seen in many supplies games wore amazing muscles that are worked during all years, on the basis of effort and commitment,.

Not what we say in jest, in fact, women are more musculosas that they will see in your life. In addition, Yuan shared a video in his Instagram account, where it was typical poses which are characterized by the so-called “woman is the strongest in the world” in the center of the universe Street Fighter.

Photo: @yuanherong1229

If they don’t believe us, and then we let them proof, an amazing show that you made Yuan Herong:

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Immediately, Yuan Herong became famous players in the world, and many of those who love Street Fighter fell in love with her. But sorry for all who have a desire to follow him, watching as this characterthey have bad news, because he says that the only thing he wants right now is to continue her career as a model and athlete, fitness club.