Jay Weinberg (Slipknot) asked the marriage to your girlfriend in a very particular way


22 Nov 2019 1:41 pm Published –Copywriting

New wedding on vista! Battery Slipknot, J. Weinbergso they decided, that until now it was only his girlfriend, Chloe Howcroft. We can know it, because the musician, 29 years old, added a photo on Instagram, which leaves no room for doubt, in which you can see him on his knees in front of Chloe, that cover the face with excitement, because he knows that he’s going to ask marriage. The most curious thing is the service, which was elected to do this, as we can see Machu Picchu, the most iconic of Peru.

Weinberg was a follower of Slipknot at a young age, when they could not come to imagine that, in the end, between the lines. He told them that because of the drive that was his father, Max Weinbergmusician E. Street Band in Bruce Springsteen the leader of a gang, which is accompanied by Conan O’brien in his show.

Since then, his passion for him was as he finished to introduce myself to the test to become part of the group. Was at the end of 2013, when, after the departure Joe InstagramBut, I made it a test, Jay, and it was adopted. During the first months following the release of ‘.5: The Gray Chapter’he didn’t want to give her name, nor battery, nor a new bass player, how to keep a secret. However, in the end, coming to light. Whether it is the same with the Omelette Man?

In any case, we are pleased that in the past the duty Yu., and in Corey Taylorvocal learning that he recently married a body part dance Cherry Bombs, Alice Dove. The pair were married in October at a gala concert in true Las Vegas style, oficiada in this city, each with characteristic Elvis. For such a case, they were both dressed, as usual, and even managed to see the singer with t-shirts designed for the character Jesse, a series of Immigrant Parents. Later, however, to them, we can see the dress more formal for a professional photo shoot.

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