Rose McGowan criticizes Natalie Portman for her layer on “Oscar”


It was one of the gestures more applause on the red carpet. Actress and Director Natalie Portman, winner of the statuette in 2011 Black Swanturned accommodation of awarding the Prize “Oscar” ready to make your own reads feminists. “I do not admit women who were not recognized for his amazing work in rough form”, considers in photo shoot, wear layer names embroidered in the cohort whose work was ignored, this year scientists. Gerwig (Little women), Scafaria (Estafadoras Wall Street)Van (The farewell) or Heller (A friend-I extraordinary)session there were only a few of them. However, reivindicativo gesture was not well received by all in Hollywood. Actress rose McGowan, one of the activists, more painful and controversial feminist movement in the United States, published a post on the Facebook censors in “fraud and crimes”, which meant for her part Portman.

“It’s kind of a protest which gets great reviews in the popular press, for courage. Or brave? No, still far away. I think more actress, plays the role of someone who cares. Like many of them do,” said McGowan, of growing up “deeply offensive activity Portman women that actually we do all the work.” McGowan, threw in the face of his companion, which only worked with two women for more than two decades of career and its manufacturer would only hire women to get the camera on video: it. “Stars at your level, can change the world, if there is a step forward, but not part of the problem. So, now, Natalie. You’re the problem. Fake support of other women is an issue.”

Portman came on the scene disputes from reports in the MEDIA that on February 12, which not only avoided censorship attack his friend, but also showed their knowledge to criticism. “I agree with her that it is wrong to call me ‘brave’ to wear women’s names embroidered. Brave is a term that reminds me more strength to work, as all those women who testified against Harvey ?????????? over the last few weeks, under incredible pressure.” McGowan criticism within the context of an upset: in the course of the proceedings against the manufacturer of sexy place over decades, as McGowan in one of his alleged victims.

Contrary to what you think McGowanother Actresses like Julianne Moore, Halle berry, Naomi watts, Karlie Kloss whether they clapped and held the gesture Portman. “This is just one of the million reasons why I love you,” said Reese Witherspoon in Instagram. Dior ?????????? the “honor” to be able to help one of its walls, visible to host the formula is so important”, while Kerry Washington or Laura Dern –the winner of the award “Oscar” for History of marriage– identified as “heroin” with Portman. Also on the show, because the translator of the origin of Israel intends to interpret the female version of Thor in the fourth part of the Saga.

“It is true that I have only made a few films with women”replica Portman called cinematographers prestige Nair and Sofia Coppola, as some people with whom she worked not only in films but also in advertising and music videos. “Several times I have had an experience that helped to hire women, women who were forced to abandon the conditions in which they stand. So I want to say that I tried, and I’ll follow it tried. Despite the fact that so far I have not had good luck, I hope that we are entering a new day,” concluded the message. The only reaction McGowan controversy created by the comments that took place on Twitter, when retuiteo for the student, condemning criticism that many women have poured into it, even to compare with the behavior worthy of Harvey Weinstein. “Thank you for attention for me,” just answer.

Natalie Portman is not the first year is considered a feminist in Hollywood, becomes the target of criticism McGowan. The hero of the series Haunted uploaded against his companion’s fiction, Alyssa Milano, due to the movement #MeToo (“it leaves the musicians sit better,” claimed) or Meryl Streep, which she called “false” when you position yourself against Harvey Weinstein at the ” Golden globe 2017, after they worked with him in movies like August or The iron lady. “Actresses like Meryl Streep that he was working on, fortunately for this pig awful to be black, to protest quietly. Your silence is the problem”. Three times winner of the award “Oscar” has published another message, ensuring that you never knew about the abuses committed by the manufacturer, and he felt the “wound” charges activist. In addition, has confirmed that he tried to contact her, to explain his statements, and he declined the offer. If you get on the phone to Natalie Portman?