So burn the Kardashian-Jenner at the blonde, who would be better?


So burn the Kardashian-Jenner at the blonde, who would be better?

The Family Kardashian-Jenner.

Jamie McCarthy / Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Women of the clan Kardashian-Jenner surprised her fans and experience a new look. And although each of them has a style and originality, at least once in your life tried the blonde color.

Lately Kylie he shared a photo where you can see, with a single blond braid that makes it look like the whole Barbie doll.

On the other hand Chris and Who also been shown with platinado, even Who should change their color because I didn’t want to look like her mother when she painted this tune.

Woman and wife Kanye West they keep a long time this color, until I decided to go back to your dark unchanged.

Courtney also marked with a blonde mane, though she wasn’t chosen dejársela constantly so looks completely different. His fans say that must try for the time.

For its part Kendall looks very identical to Kylie with her hair, blond, opinion of fans was divided, because at that time, as some say he looks younger, while others claim that it makes me look more Mature.

However, all the Kardashian-Jenner they looks amazing with this color, but, of course, the blonde in the achievements of the clan Khloéthat took this color and almost made it.

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