The reason why Vince McMahon has cancelled press Liv Morgan

The reason why Vince McMahon has cancelled press Liv Morgan

It was expected that Liv Morgan was the next big star in one of women’s Affairs, when he returned in late December of last year. However, things did not go to the benefit of Morgan, because Vince McMahon seems to be canceled, the momentum and direction of the story may come before the meeting ruby Riott.

Cory Gunz asked Tom Colohue status thrust Liv Morgan, during a session of questions and answers podcast Dropkick DiSKussions with Sportskeeda.

Vince McMahon doesn’t see Liv Morgan, as the stars alone

Tom Colohue cited earlier, the report showed that Vince McMahon was cancelled, latest commercials, which are to be transferred in RAW format Liv Morgan. The reason Vince McMahon decided to make a video, at the last minute, precisely because it was removed for the facilitation of traction alone to Liv Morgan.

The head of the WWE, however, I would like to finish the push and the idea, now, as I said earlier, apparently, then the equipment is new with ruby Riott.

Importantly, He added that, reportedly, is that Vince McMahon was never a fan of Liv Morgan, and it’s not a good sign for our careers.

That’s what he showed in the podcast Dropkick DiSKussions:

Cory Gunz: Speaking of the recurrence of the disease in the section of women what happened to Liv Morgan ‘ s?

Tom Colohue: Well, his movies that were shown, were cancelled at the last moment Vince, because he wanted to change his thrust alone, and the films were, instagram this onslaught alone. I was told that I was never a fan of that is a bad sign.

The future of Liv Morgan in WWE looks bleak

Reports who go do not show a positive image for the future in the long run to Liv Morgan in WWE.

Earlier it was reported that Liv Morgan was one of the projects, Paul Heyman and the liberation veterans office of the Executive Director may affect the position of the Morgan starring RAW.

It was reported some time ago that, in addition to the history of Wool, which was not anywhere WWE had no plan for long-term Morgan, when they changed the character and brought him back to the TV.

Superstar 26 years, he’s brave, talented and age still on his side, but to succeed in the WWE, also need the support of the policy of the company.

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