The series ‘Arrowverse’ stopped their entry for coronavirus


The world of entertainment each time suffering more consequences, for the prevention Covid-19, many movies have been delayed for release dates and others have been forced to change their plans, the last time was that ‘The Flash’ stopped him records.

Adaptation for DC Comics on The CW, this is the last series that hung him shoot during a pandemic, the virus continues to grow around the world.

In crisis, health and numerous bans, the great hall by the authorities of the United States, worldwide, it is expected that more and more production will stop in the end.

Group Director of ‘The Flash’, Brent Crowe – announced Central “to failure” in the note distribution and production equipment.

‘The Flash’ stopped the recording, starting from March 13 and productionadvises anyone who is out of work“.

Series starring: Grant Gustin is maintained in Vancouver, and what makes “Riverdale”, which also ceased production of the day before the alleged contact team member with the patient coronavirus.

The series 'Arrowverse' stopped their entry for coronavirus giphy

Theatre, film and television, was also severely beaten, from the series, like “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’ stopped recording as well.

Makes sense if it is believed that most television production involves dozens of people or larger, maquillistas and vestuaristas that are in close physical proximity with the actors.

The production of ‘The Flash’ was included in the list of victims of coronavirus, which has already had time to film premieres, amusement parks and even record video.