4 treatments, personal trainer Shakira

When Shakira prepared tour ‘El Dorado World Tour‘decidido carefully prepared. With 40 years of physical deployment during concerts can be caused by and Colombia didn’t want to lose the mark of a person. So I hired Anna Kaiserthe preparation of the sample and Teflon employees Sarah Jessica Parker, Sofia Vergara, Kelly Ripa, and Karlie Kloss. The American did not come out disappointed because you have adapted to what you need for his show, and some of the members of the club dance Shakira have gone through these classes.

The advantages of the method in the USA is that combines knowledge, as professional choreographer and’ fitness centre’. His method is based on the physical through what is called an ACT. According to Kaiser, the success is due to the fact that it uses the whole body, wonder through music and the effects recognizable in five weeks. The fitness centre combines dance, HIIT training, strength and flexibility can be summarized in four treatments from the point of contact: sweat.


Is one of the decisive factors for Shakira to hire Kaiser. One part of the class dance, choreography, and combined with little intervals with strength exercises to check, heart and muscle in the same period. A function of sample preparation and Teflon the United States argues that at the end of lessons you can learn choreography along with calorie burning, at a high level. Beginners should not be discouraged because procedure is repeated three times in a week -rhythms are the ones that are changing, and therefore absorbed all the choreography. For dancers is ideal as it focuses on its strengths with workouts almost specific.

Working with ropes

Kaiser offers three different procedure for those who are not professional dancers and they do not want to approach them. Operate ropes a combination of methods that are sometimes reminiscent of ‘crossfit’ or ‘step’. It works the flexibility and strength of hands to the beat of the music with the same intensity as in ‘box’. In addition to demand from work cardio develops balance and fitness using the degree of exercise.


This procedure involves exercises soft discount rhythm coregroafĂ­as. Stretching and postures that resemble yoga, although with more traffic, because they combine isometric exercises. To be less aggressive, which create this system, eventually, with a lot of calories, but fresh. Kaiser ensures that after 50 minutes. from this routine of their animals and want to continue and repeat.


This procedure is more complex. Founded in power and the number 4. There are four rounds of four exercises with weight. Kaiser believes that this is best at intervals of 30 seconds, 15 seconds rest between them. More reps and less weight prescription personal trainer Shakira.