Adele makes a one of her dresses, mythical, which appeared for the first time in 2016, to emphasize its dramatic loss of body weight


What is the best way proven weight loss body save old clothes to make a comparison? Adele just do it. The singer, who lost 70 pounds, on the basis of a good diet and workout very strictly, was recorded in the house with one of his famous dresses.

The one who wore Glastonbury in 2016when I won those pounds, especially after, with great patience, it was possible by removing one thing. And someone else, because what we’ve never seen Adele as thin as appeared in October of last year, the birthday of Drake, leaving many with the question from whether she is or not she.

Adele this concert 2016, which mówiłájeździliśmy.

Adele, this concert in 2016, we were talking about.

And Yes, it’s true, this can not only access it, but there is enough fabric. But she, enchanted, dancing in front of the TV with the image of this concert background. Evidence that it mood also changedin addition to health, this physical metamorphosis that is more exciting that are remembered for a panorama “star”.

Moments before, she also posted a photo in this day in Glastonbury, in the mode of contextualization the fact that we will see a bit later, but not otherwise, that as what is in the best moment of his life.