And now Eiza?


This week Disney has announced that Splash Mountain remodelaría, known primarily as a game, with bale, on the basis of stereotypes, the racist southern yesterday. What the wind blew already back on the platform HBO Max with a warning about the historical context that this is not acceptable. On the other hand, we can confirm that Eiza González, is already so successful as to call someone there’s nothing to do to get the photos where he is dressed in a “fat” in the soap Opera Lola Erase timesbecause in the United States this has obvious connotations in relation to the same racist culture, which seeks to remove, but also is as scary as a weapon against anyone, because I can assure you that Eiza in 2007, at the age of 15 years, the last thing I thought about was that the historical sins of the people to the North of us was bounce on Lola.

And Yes, there are bad manufacturers and in General, as it is said, ignorance in respect of which the decision, but from there, he will take it with me in the same current as when you play from the Disney classic of the classics (which, of course, condona captivity) and even the fact that the same comedian Jimmy Kimmel, who was also made to hide with makeup dark or “black face”, and who also had to apologize this week, so I think the game is already very broken, very cheap to abuse the dramatically serious.

There are things that do not stand up, but his eyes let him turn the weapon of false accusations against people who really are not racist. Nobody is free from sin or error.

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