Annie Leibovitz a strange dark room, after the conclusion of

Annie Leibovitz ?????????? I said, although it looks calm enough, sitting in the environment of white and fresh for your home in Rhinebeck, in upstate new York. Just arrived after a long journey in the car to bring her to the house of a friend.

“Thank you for being patient. I’m in a different role, but now, with my children and my oldest daughter was valedictorian virtual school, and it’s very sad, because there may not be the truth.”

“And that’s my lunch.” He holds a large bag of coffee, which contains their order of sushi to be able to look at our treatment Scale. On the other side of the world, my own sushi as a dinner. “It’s fun for me,” he says.

We begin to say, all these days, about location. Leibovitz, 70 years old, probably photographer of celebrities, more famous in the world, with a portfolio that includes everything from presidents to pop starsfrom the cover of Vanity Fair with photos of demi Moore naked and pregnant for portrait-anniversary Queen. So the world is not only meant as unusual time with their daughters Sarah, 18 years old, the twins Susan and Samuelle, born three and a half years after a surrogate• as well as “feeling refreshed”.

Surprisingly a little upset. “I feel incompetent. It would be best to talk with someone like Susan Sontag •the great writer estadunidense that was his companion for 15 years•, was a great talker, but we will do everything possible.”

How did you find this place as the moment of creation, and I felt paralyzed changes and anxieties?

“At the last session, I was with Simon working days, the gymnast, the cover of Vogue. When we came here… well, he has developed a good system for my daughter was well groomed, without me, and now was not able to return to their life in General and it took under its control. Was not interested in photography, not advised”.

“Then, Hauser & Wirth (gallery) started making programs on the Internet which was very good, I liked it, and I said I would like to make one.” The name of the new program online, Still Life, and the theme could easily surprise people who know Leibovitz as the best chronicler of the years, the rock-n-roll.

On both sides of the Atlantic, our sushi remains unchanged. Leibovitz started at Rolling Stone, when he was still a student, and their cover photos and brought to glory; in 1977, when the magazine moved to new York, Leibovitz followed her. “To drive nearly kills me. However, it is better to be a photographer is that you are outdoors, considering everything, and I live my life very comfortably abroad.”

Pay attention to the fact that she is so well known as many of those people who wanted shooting. Whether remains to the outside observer?

She managed a little. “Life is very private. Love my job, but not friends with any of these people…. I was intrigued by the word “celebrity” because I’m more interested in what makes people, especially those who. Like everyone, I like to admire people, and I do, you know, Baryshnikov in the dance… President Barack Obama….”, and uses to spread its shame for glory.

In technical terms, has undergone many changes for photos for 50 years of his career. “Can not be interested in what digital was for tourists, but, of course, I’m so sorry over the loss of a dark room. Although the advantages far exceed the disadvantages. I use camera phones these days. How can you deny the fact that there, in the pocket, ready to shoot?”

Now, each of us urgently ate a few pieces of sushi. And I leave aside the question of his portraits of famous people. Is it difficult to take a portrait of someone you don’t love?

“As a photographer should be able to photograph anyone, but I do better if I had someone like that I admire him, I like to be. I always think that the photo Krupp, designer of tanks, German, Arnold Newman, this photo with the light from below to see the bad,” he smiles, “so that you have a lot of energy when you take these photos, is court during…. When trump was chosen, well, there were plans, but in the end decided not to do it.”

Our time is coming to an end and not give up, even remember the land. Leibovitz suddenly turns the screen to show its surroundings, a beautiful garden with a large pond in front of the window, which was a study of Sontag, and is currently used as an office. “I obsesioné to swim to go across the pond to crawl in like three times a day. This repair”.

Not in town?

“Not really weird. The city identificeret yourself with work; a place to live and work. When I began to discover things, I feel even a little sad. But a strange journey, really not very fond of the work in the Studio. It was a good time to update, but the time of payment. For all of us at the moment.”

“Annie Leibovitz: Still Life” will be released online in