Athlete: Yes, he fled sexy Larry Nassar

Playerdocumentary Netflix that tells about the horror that lived hundreds of athletes from USA who have experienced sexual violence, who was a physician for over 20 years Larry Nassartalks about how was found today in prison, but also to identify the murky shape in which Russian Gymnastics hid charges, and even betrayed his own girls in the court.

Today Nassar is faced with two sentences more than 60 years eachin Sexual Violence and possession of child pornographyhowever, its history starts many years ago.


Larry came to the Gymnastics team USA almost at the same level as marriage CarolinaBela and Marta, coaches who were on the top of mount Olympus Nadia Comaneci gymnastics Romania under the method of work, physical and mental state that, although results were achieved in the competition all the athletes left corrupted part of man, almost all my life.

And amidst all this suffering, Nassar I saw a ‘good man’, “, sweet, charismatic and fun that I agreed, the girls, without them knew that in the pair, also abused them.

With a preposition medical examination or methods of physiotherapy,the doctor had inserted his finger into the private parts of women, including some parents, in front of her. Great charisma and love queas guys, we took Larrywould do such actions as something normal, but over the years, victims are still increasing, but no one did anything about it.

From Amateurs to competitive Olympic was part of the list of women victims of violence until 2015 the second best gymnast in the country raised his voice.

It Maggie Nicholsthe best rooms, stars, Simone working days, which was directly USA Gymnastics on the basis that Larry Nassar touched her on purpose. The Chairman of the Agency Steve Pennyhe recognized that there were other similar diseases and that The FBI I’ve done the research, and therefore asked Nichols and his family not to raise voice and not to make a formal complaint to the competent authorities.

But it was all a lie. Penny never did anything with it and just gave carpetazo to the case; by the time I had submitted nearly a hundred complaints, guys, vs Nassar.

Missed 15 months with the prosecution Nichols at the moment a criminal case against magazine Indy Star in Indianapolis instagram channels. In may 2016, has published a number of statements without reviewing the questions and accusations registered in USA Gymnastics against Larrythat were not registered by the authorities, despite the fact that, in accordance with the law. After the victim began to raise his voice, and they began to tell their horror stories of exdoctor.

The first thing to do is Rachael Denhollanderand went after him Jamie Dantzscherathlete, Olympic In 2000 in Sydney and so was (125 women who want to give voice to their struggle of many years of abuse without penalty from the Nassar and USA Gymnastics.

In the same 2018, in multimedallista Olympic and world Simone working days, confirmed that she, too, was one of the victims of violence, and since then, complaints and accusations, not only for Larry, but also to the various organizations who learned about the situation, the time, and never did anything. Among them you will find The U.S. Olympic Committee.