Coming to light a cause of death of 16-year-old actor


Past 2 APR died at the age of 16 years, actor Logan Williams
. Young canadian singer was known for his work in the series The Flash and Supernatural. At the moment, did not reveal the cause of his death. She was the mother of Williams, Matt Williams, is obliged to confirm the sad news. “I can’t hug my parents, which in the end, to lose her only grandson. With his talent and his appearance, Logan has the potential to be a big star,” said in the American media.

Almost a month and a half later, her family has confirmed the cause of his death: overdose of opiates. In an interview The New York Post, Matt showed that Toxicological testing of the child, noted that the young man died from an overdose of fentanyl, analgesics opiates. And that young wore three years struggled with his drug addiction.

Logan Williams photos Instagram 'The Flash'.

Logan Williams photos Instagram ‘The Flash’.

“His death was not in vain,” added the mother that you want to awaken conscience, to get used to these drugs“Will help many people the way.” It seems that the casting had become “too painful” for him, and he began to experiment with drugs at too early an age, starting with marijuana and ending with fentanylnarcotic drugs with a higher wattage than morphine. His mother claims that he did everything in hand to help you, “I tried everything, but that was not esposarlo my hand to keep it safe.”

Logan went out on a few episodes The Flashin the series Invisible and one of the Supernatural. His last work on television was in When the heart speaksin the role of thousands of Montgomery.

Logan Williams in 'The Flash'

Logan Williams in ‘The Flash’

Colleagues of the deceased actor published messages of love in memory of his figure.. In the event that Grant Gustin, he wrote in his Instagram: “I just heard a message about the death of Logan Williams and I’m a mess. Photo was filming the pilot episode ‘(The flash)’ 2014. I was impressed with not only the talent of Logan, but his professionalism in the kit. My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family in these difficult times.”

For his part, John Wesley Shipp, his father in the series, said publications on Twitter, which read: “I was 100% committed to the idea of their role, and we are a lot less than when I finished this part of history.”




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