Eiza González confirmed apologize for the pictures, where he is painted black, Century, Torreon


After circularán two old photographs of Mexican Eiza González, in which the page is displayed, painted in black and geisha, the actress was accused of racism, and therefore repeated his apology via private messages and messages in some mass MEDIA of the United States.

Gonzales was trending on social networks after the tool will show photos, of course, the novel Mexican actor Franco-American Timothée Chalamet, and some took advantage of the moment to liven up the images that worsened the actress tachándola racism.

The first one shows Gonzalez face with makeup to make it look like the face of a Negro. The photo was taken of the series among the youth, Lola, a long time ago (2007), the first role of the actress in the Mexican??????????.

“I feel very awkward as you can apply makeup, black side photos that rotate. I was 15 and it was my first job as a girl actress in the Mexican soap Opera, I pressed against my will, and was not at the talks, I could not ignorance ‘, throughout my career,” and it was not my intention to offend anyone,” said the actress.

The second image, which puts him in an awkward position, shows the actress dressed as a geisha, something that has led to the fact that some of the negative comments that some people accused of misappropriation of culture.

However, the actress assured that it is a matter of respect.

“It’s a tradition in gion, Tokyo. If geisha invites you to dress like it, it is a great honor and intentions, appreciate their culture, never meant to hurt culture and appropriation of culture. But I realized that I did not take this with good intentions, and I’m sorry if I offended someone,” wrote the actress in a statement.

Eiza Gonzalez also said it was important for her to get an education to be a voice for those who do not have and showed active front accommodation in the Black Lives Matter movement, which began after the death of George Floyd in the United States.



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