Error in Instagram, which led to jail, “Chinese” anthrax”, in the drug of the cartel de Sinaloa, which appeared dead


“Chinese” anthrax”, was detained for 33 years (Photo: special)

The urban legend, please note that José Rodrigo Aréchiga Gamboa, “Chinese” Anthrax”he was a frequent visitor to in social networks, mainly Instagramwhere published photos of their excesses and intemperance, and probably charging cars, mobile phones and designer sunglasses, in exchange for their supporters.

In his native Culiacan, Sinaloa, as a teenager, he was a bandit, who became known as cash in street fighting for supremacy in the fields of Daisies.

This glory is a good fighter, arrived in the ears of the founders of the Sinaloa cartel, Ishmael, “May” Zambadathat immediately turned to a criminal organization, where he was in a gang Hitman who was made the trust of his superiors and friends children.

Vehicles and weapons were two great passions-the leader of anthrax (Photo: special)
Vehicles and weapons were two great passions-the leader of anthrax (Photo: special)

In particular developed a close relationship with the Seraphim Zambadathe younger child “May”.

Aréchiga rose to fame in 2008 when he became a leader in “anthrax”one of the armed groups of the cartel. He chose the name, inspired by the war in Iraq.

In 2009 because of the arrest of Vicente Zambada Fog “In Vicentillo”the eldest son May he positioned himself better in the power structure of the cartel.

Also, with time, left the area and did a lover of tourism and luxury.

The time in which probably meets with Paris Hilton in Las Vegas (Photo: special)
The time in which probably meets with Paris Hilton in Las Vegas (Photo: special)

Including and using videos on social networks seen to fight with Manny Pacquiao in Las Vegas, where for a short time appears in the movie next to socialite Paris Hilton.

On his account on Instagram Lucia dress as the famous British spy James bondbut also shows that his visits to Arab countries like Dubai, European countries such as Spain and France. When not riding, showed them pictures, lying in bed, drink expensive brands of spirits and among musical groups that touched live on their bedroom. Last update right before the New year 2014, Aréchiga shared congratulations to the band ‘anthrax because of the holidays decembrinas.

In 2012, domestic games among teams that work for the cartel, intensified and the lowest for “These” anthrax”, was more and more. His head was already the center of attention that the government of the United States for that need to bring its founder to the stage to keep it safe.

The musical group came and we played for bathroom (Photo: special)
The musical group came and we played for bathroom (Photo: special)

“Chinese” anthrax” was arrested in AmsterdamThe Netherlands, 30 December 2013, on the day of arrival of plane from Mexico. Tracking accounts Instagram has allowed the US authorities along with their European accounting to report Aréchiga.

When he arrived in the Netherlands, the police was already waiting to stop him. Months after in July 2014, he was extradited to the United States, where to look, for smuggling cocaine and marijuana through collaboration gang Nitro in southern California.

However, passed may 8, managed to deceive the us authorities and escaped from prison in the house which he performed.

The escape happened this week to address San Diego, CAwhere purgaría the rest of the sentence in the suspension. Do not know the exact release date, as according to the agents, controlling him, mark W. Ryan and Kimberly A. Pillow, on arrival at the location to sign the judicial act, Chinese anthrax was gone.

Ismail Zambada Garcia,
Ismail Zambada Garcia, “May”, which was introduced in the Chinese anthrax in the cartel in Sinaloa (Photo: Archive)

After the disappearance of the former head of minions Ishmael, “May” Zambadaagents told in the message of the court for the southern district of San Diego. As part of the Protocol, the authorities must wait 48 hours the player does not appear, however judge Dana M Sabraw issued Friday a warrant a quick double coverage in the United States and in Mexico.

Only 33 days spent in jail, in the house, “Chinese” anthrax” lost Department, which was under surveillance by agents, mark W. Ryan and Kimberly A. Pillows. Both three times a week Aréchiga in the Soviet time the judicial act. But last week, the leader of anthrax escaped from a course unknown.

Since then, as a “Capo”, the journalist of the weekly Rio TwelveMiguel angel VEGA, initiated the request to people allegada in the Sinaloa Cartel. “And we knew that it is not in Tambo.”said one Respondent VEGA.

He added: “the company controlled everything here if you do fugo, falls down again (in Instagram) and I was not surprised by anything that will have more control than ever before.”

International assassin, may have been the end of the week, was killed in Culiacanin accordance with the information Ríodoce. At the moment, the General Prosecutor of Justice in the state, expectations of intervention by the Federal expert studies to confirm their identity.

In addition, reported that Rodrigo Aréchiga was in address, Colonia Guadalupe Victoriato the East of the city, in Culiacan, one of the directions pursued by the cells of the criminal comandada he for his arrest.

It was where an armed group broke into a slow fire to pick him up along with two other people who appeared after the dead inside the vehicle BMW X5. He tried her sister chimene, the owner of the vehicle, as well as John N, son of Chinese anthrax and brother also died the Deputy Ocadio Garcia.


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