Feels so Selena Gomez after, of course, the refusal Bella Hadid in Instagram

Or hostility, or simple mistake? Many times social networks are suitable for a misunderstanding between stars and that’s what’s happening in Selena Gomez.

Recently the singer decided to give as photo published Bella Hadid to your account Instagram; however, it seems that in the model he was probably worried and decided to remove publication. What??? Here we will tell you how to respond Sel.

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At first didn’t understand that photo was no more, but the result is the fandom noticed it and Selena she said “It stinks”with emoji sad. Sniff

Selena and Bella were good friends, but it ended in 2017, probably because the singer began to emerge from exnovio models: The Weeknd. Despite the fact that we both finished their novels, the musician, it seems that their friendship never failed to get, but Sel when you try to approach her.

Some fans believe that
Bella deleted pictures on
the ratio of immature– maybe, still not stopping
Sel for what has kept the affair with his expareja.