Georgina Rodriguez gives him the illustrations of Cristiano Ronaldo


Cristiano Ronaldo gave greeting 35 years as not best you can. The player received a wonderful gift for a loved one, Georgina Rodriguezthe fact that he is left with his mouth open, along with a surprise that the model he had prepared.

Footballer and his partner, they were preparing to celebrate the birthday of the player Juventus the renowned Restaurant Turin. On the day of arrival, Ronaldo met his best friends that he cock “Happy birthday“and regalazo what he did to Georgina: car.

Georgina gives an impressive SUV with a Christian on your 35th birthday

The model you bought the luxury Off road Mercedes G 63 AMGone of the best cars on the market 500 horses in power and price 180.100 Euro. Georgina delivered the car with a huge red onion for the delivery of your partner.

The gift was good for him in Portuguese that showed very surprised, on arrival at the restaurant, as we have seen in social networks Georgina: “Congratulations to the man in my life! I can’t wait to wear our love as a gift“I wrote along with the video at the moment.

This amazing car joins the huge collection of player, remains known that Cristiano Ronaldo loves cars and that one of the garages the most expensive and exclusive world.



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