I unpleasant guest in your daughter’s birthday, Rob Kardashian

Earlier this week the Kardashian family celebrated birthday number two Dream daughter Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna.

Celebration, their theme was fairy tale took place in the house of Kylie Jennerwho also acted as host, and on this occasion ambiento part of her mansion in Hidden Hills, Californiaas the enchanted forest.

This was the second birthday of the Kardashian Dream.


Dream Kardashian celebrated his birthday at his aunt’s house with Kylie Jenner.



Dream and Khloé Kardashian



Those who would like to be able to put wings.



Was the lounge which I went home in a fairy tale.



The dessert table where the cake was…


Birthday Dream Kardashian was wings of cloth, the house of sticks of wood; even the entrance is somewhat fey hosted. From all this I realized, the woman for several Instagram Stories.

Of course, Kiley was also a dessert table, on which stood cake for birthdaya beautiful cake in blue, with parts of the wings. But in the film in which Kylie shared meals that held a tasting of the guests, and turning sneak on the cake, there is another cockroach! Here is the video, which clearly shows an insect.

I’d think those Kardashian, this striker?