Jennifer Lopez as impressive as in real life and Instagram


You work very hard in the gym, and it’s great that you are eating on a height, appearance, looks Jennifer Lopez at the age of 50 years is amazing, because you seem to have discovered how to stop the natural aging process.

(Photo: Getty Images)

Knows what

Singer, for his part, chose OK charm creates your body, and from time to time gives his followers in social networks is impressive, sitting on the beach or in the pool.

In the last one, held during the current summer vacation in Saint-Tropez, the star from the Bronx appears aboard a yacht posing in a flattering swimsuit white with password “Forever Young’that can be translated as “forever Young.”

Despite the fact that the statement that is probably more a state of mind than the physical, this photo shows once again that the appeal of the artist has not done more from the increase, which jumped to fame.

In addition, in your case, nobody can accuse her to use filters or photoshop to retouch your photos, which are published in Instagrambecause paparazzi in surprised when he suggested that this impromptu report and it is true that the pictures that they brought, are not at all sharing her profile.

For: Bang Showbiz/ Photo: Getty Images



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