Khloé Kardashian uses her daughter to True to call attention in the middle of a pandemic


Khloé Kardashian35 years , gives tips on 114 million followers on Instagram. The star of television, said Wednesday, June 17 photo of his daughter True Thompson2, with a call for help. “Ah, he reminds them all, please need to wash your hands!”, – posted by diva “Keeping Up whit the Kardashians”, before adding: “Stay safe out there,🤍”.

Came undergoing quarantine because of the epidemic of the coronavirus (COVID-19) the child at his home in Los Angeles. Reports also showed that his former partner, Tristan Thompsonfrom 29, also joined her to spend time with his daughter. In the pictures displayed are True tocándose face with his hands. The child has a large monochrome brand mens from Talentless Scott Disickformer partner Courtney Kardashian41.

These photos were taken on the day of birth Disick in may. The girl combined your outfit with a about in black boots, her hair picked up in a few moñitos. The photo shows a smiling, eating ice cream and playing in the garden at home. New posteo with Khloé occurs on the background of rumors that she and NBA star they are “closer” as a result of health crisis. One source told People that the two were “clearly enjoying the company of each other.”

Time together

“Has not passed much time together because he lived in Cleveland,” the source added. “They had spring amazing True in Los Angeles”. Apparently, the former partner left his anger, after the completion in February 2019. Probably the reason for the gap was because of the scandals, fraud, love of the batquesbolista, one of them with Jordyn woods, one of the best friends Kylie Jenner22.

Kim Kardashian39 aunt is True, wrote in the comments of the post “OMG”. Student Khloé said, “Oh, my God, she is very beautiful! You have no problems with it as it grows! 😍”. Someone else said “all that Khloé😭😭❤️❤️👑👑”. Times, he added: “the second way is the best 😍😍😍😍”. On this photo, a girl walks away, showing his little teeth, with that beautiful smile.



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