Kim Kardashian returns his enemies: Taylor swift, Bette Midler if Blac Chyna to the list | People and Famous

Kim Kardashian in full promotion of their new perfume, which was released with Valentine’s day around the corner. But the reality star and successful business woman not only brings love with perfume in the shape of a heart between family and friends and also has a place for their enemies. The first time I put a name. And the list of missing persons singer Taylor swift, her excuñada Blac Chyna or actress Bette Midler.

“I decided that this Valentine’s day, everyone deserves their Valentine’s day. And I will send to all who love me, they hate me, what I think,” shared Kim Kardashian in her Instagram Stories. In the picture, several post its divided into three colors (each of their new flavors) and the names of the recipients: and those who are written in green, it is obvious that it is his haterspeople were open conflict.

Taylor swift had a relationship endeavors, and, of course, now is not the time. It all began in 2009 when her husband Kardashian, rapper Kanye West, took to micro-country singer to say that he was not worthy of the VMA awards that he collected. Then they did calm, but later, the rapper mentioned exniña miracle country song Famous(say: “I’m the star that Fox”) and made a wax figure of the singer naked.

Photo posted Kim Kardashian in her Instagram Stories. On the right, in the list of those that are their enemies.

Photo posted Kim Kardashian in her Instagram Stories. On the right, in the list of those that are their enemies.

Actress Bette Midler, the confrontation was also open, because the translator was criticized on Twitter of selfies where he posed Nude. “Kim Kardashian today tuiteado one selfie Nude. If Someone wants that we will see parts that have never seen, will have to swallow a camera,” wrote the translator The return of the witches or The first wives club. Actress Clore grace Moretz, partner, eldest son of Beckham, got a place in the list of enemies of Kardashian with the same reason and, therefore, can be one of the target of her perfume, CSO.

Moretz not only retuiteo message Bette Midler, but also added his comment. “Kim Kardashian, I really hope you understand how important it is to set challenges for young women, to teach them that we have a lot more to offer that our bodies”, – he said. “Let’s welcome Chloe Twitter, because nobody knows who it is,” she said. Critics also got from Pink their pictures became part of this particular list.

With Blac Chyna, who pairs his brother Rob, and his mother the niece of a Dream, the collision is not only seen in chapters reality show family, but even reached court, as the Kardashian sisters wanted to try all the ways that her daughter can not do business in his name. It is, for its part, announced it excuñada and exsuegra (Kris Jenner) to boycott reality show played his partner, who also was.

If something seems to prove that the list of names is not something that “wants to share the love,” says Kim Kardashian. But it’s something rencorosa, because the translator Sarah Michelle Gellar in a special blacklist, and the story seems to go back, when the translator wrote that he wanted to cancel his subscription to the magazine Vogue after appearing on the cover of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. And it was April 2014. Criticism of actress Naya Rivera, best known for her role in the series Gleeon the cover of a magazine Paper in November of the same year in which Kim Kardashian appeared Nude, also became a target celebrity. “As usual, do not say anything… but… you are the mother of someone”. Three years later, Rivera is in the list.

And there are more characters non gift for Kardashian, who receive spirits (not all, as it turned out, she tweeted). In his views Sharon Osbourne, Chelsea Handler, TV host Breast Morgan, model Janice Dickinson, Wendy Williams, who recently criticized in his latest series of Nude photos of Kim Kardashian published in his Instagram account. “It’s clear that Kanye doesn’t pay attention,” – said in the series.