Mads Mikkelsen makes the publication of the mysterious and full of hope for the fans

Mads Mikkelsen left fans hungry more when he said that Hannibal, the government, which has as a main character in the mythical Dr. Lectercan return to the 4th Season.

In the case of publication in social networks Mikkelsen General publication for the next arrival program Netflix. If that’s not enough to inspire viewers, the star joked subtitles: “Hannibal is coming to Netflix in June: that Is on the way season 4 Hannibal?” Though Fuller suggested earlier that I have not had time to tell the story Dr. Lecterthings were peaceful, from the decisive moment of season 3, which ends in 2015.

Though Anthony Hopkins andra is known for her role Hannibal Lecter in The silence of the lambs, Hannibal and Red Dragon, Mikkelsen took this character to another address for the television adaptation NBC. Hannibal boasted to have starry Mikkelsen, Hugh Dancy s, Caroline Dhavernas Laurence Fishburne and Gillian Andersonhowever , there were problems in the classification, which led to a series of raised after only three seasons, and although there was talk, other studies in the continuation of the story Hannibal has not yet been restored.

It is important to note that the publication Mikkelsen refers to an article that talks about the return Hannibal. Perhaps, of course, that the star creating ads for the arrival of the program Netflix the idea, development, potential 4th season. Though Fuller he said that the talks about the new season was completed in 2017, there was no updates Hannibal from this time. In the other hand, CBS announced that is working on a sequel television The Silence of the Lambs that will rely on Clarice Starling. The news provoked a strong reaction among the fandom with Hannibal, because the audience argued that it was more interest to revive the series Fuller in the project the absolutely new.

The first three seasons Hannibal specialized in the complex relationship between Lecter in Mikkelsen and Will Graham in Dancy’s what Fuller he explained that it would continue after season 3. Despite a difficult question of law Fuller he said he always wanted to tell a story The silence of the lambs and he drew the arc for six seasons characters. Protected Ellen Page in The Umbrella Academy as your perfect choice for Clarice Starling but CBS officially gives the green light to the project yourself, it is not clear whether there are plans Fuller’s ” Hannibal for implementation.

The cancellation of the original Hannibal there was a case a bad moment, as reported Netflix he wanted to continue the story, but failed because of an exclusive contract transfer Amazon. Amazon he planned to give Season 4 immediately, and Fuller I would like to spend more time in the dash. In the end, none of the parties could not agree and Hannibal he was caught in the hell of development. With interest original Netflix and the giant is like a new house Hannibalpublication Mikkelsen can be something more than before.