Mojadita Cynthia Rodriguez looks better than Kim Kardashian

Cynthia Rodriguez this is one of the main conductive in Mexico, is currently evaluating Will Joy won the hearts of viewers, not only for his talent in front of the camera, but also for her incomparable beauty.

In this sense, the famous has the grace to use styles reminiscent of the huge figures of fashion, and increase them even more, as in the case of Kim Kardashiansomeone copied the style of hair for the photo.

And that some time ago, the Economist and the businessman shared in your account in Instagram photo, which shows a kind of “Wet”, which consists in the advancement of hair appears to be wet to make it look more vivid, with handles for lucirlo all the time as well.

View photo Kim Kardashian

Later, however, the leading morning Tv Azteca shared a look very similar to where we see it in ourselves, as Kim Kardashian and varnish of white color, and her hair as “Wet” to look mojadita.

In this picture Cynthia Rodriguez has received more than 100 thousand “likes” from their followers, who, in addition, they said that she is beautiful, that is visible in clothes, and wet hair.

The bride Carlos Rivera has more than 2.5 million fans who are always waiting for their publications, and his romantic life with the singer, so in fact, in some cases, they rumorado that are in the vicinity of a child, but now it failed.

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So soon we will be able to enjoy sensual to drive every morning for signal Tv Azteca, which always delights their fans looks very fashion.