“Only fear will be”

Imagine, Danilo Medina, in his “fourth world” as a genius in the laboratory or by in “TRANS” of the schedule is mixed, while the feed, the commander of the presidential campaign of their candidate, Gonzalo Castillo.

It is likely that the head of state, obsessed with horizontal policies to achieve their goals, you want to borrow a phrase, as he did Balaguer to defeat l978 attributed to sultans, Aixa, to reproach his son, king Boabdil deliver Granada, the last stronghold of Muslims in Spain: “cries like a woman that learned to defend like a man”. The leader of the reformist took the license and pluraliz√≥, despite the fact that his followers subvirtieron all the rules and patrullaron military outfits of red and, in the end, interrupted the vote counting in the Central Election Council.

Electoral processes, which could put an end to a long presidential terms domain or site, usually violent, rude, all or nothing, with threats, and especially many medications, which sometimes lead to dangerous adventures.

These elections put an end to three consecutive terms reformist and time, attempting to limit claims peledeista to the fifth without interruption. Of course, different contexts.

In the official restrictions on the appearance of a pandemic restrict freedom of movement and freedom of Assembly, political parties and individual candidates, mostly from the opposition, also avoid the traditional encontronazos between opponents, and its sequel, death.

This, however, has not escaped the mounting tension that reigns in the environment of voters with accusations from the opposition and representatives of civil society in the management of political crisis in the public health and the use of public funds. Welcome to the allegations of corruption against the candidate for President of the oficialista.

The party, the government, impressed by the starter takes the liberty of issues related to drug trafficking and laundering of money to throw at PRM, the enemy pointer, after the output order from the United States Yamil Abreu Navarro, former Municipal Council the Gap in Azua associated with the international network, with the remote control of the Sinaloa cartel.

Attractive RAID Political Committee ??? at the press conference and the organization led the theme before JCE.

In PRM reacted to defend themselves in the formulation of the absurd go in both matches, the investigation of the DEA and the FBI, but then Riposto in mind the events that were associated, figures from ??? and governments, like Kirino, Caesar is a criminal, Figueroa August, among others.

Of course, that is a perversion that a serious question turns into who my dove free elections to divert attention, and forgot the next day the vote final and not think with the seriousness that it deserves, because the truth is that drug trafficking, envilece areas and permeates virtually all institutions, particularly political parties.

In the audio began to circulate in the network, indicates that about will know, although a week open study which was to disqualify for a few weeks, and fears that the government ??? doing that abstinence election to the processing of information about Covid-19.

Don’t know who Roger stone in ??? or if there is some strengthening of the prisons, in the home, on the street, or if Medina in the bunker selects Otto von Bismarck:

“Gratitude and trust, and not to put one man on our side; only fear what would happen if we use skill and caution.”