Rage Dani Da Rosa against corruption in pandemic

The cause of death of the person 62 years of age, was not common, but on the official website of the local night life in Facebook published a statement in which it announced that it will not velorio, under the health protocols during a pandemic virus COVID-19.

From German citizenship, Alphonse came many years ago, in our country, where in 90-ies he founded the famous local club located on Cerro Corá between the United States and Tacuary, from the Historical Centre of Asuncion.

He stood out the British theme, delicious food and drinks, a pioneer in the “afters”, where people came during the week after work.

His death brought all kinds of comments in social networks. Many users of the Internet have not only expanded their pésames but recalled moments and jokes.

“QEPD Alphonse Adams. Started a great night asunceña. Condolences to his family. Eternal life in the legendary Pub Britania,” wrote exintendente Asuncion, Maria Ferreira in his Twitter account.

“Pucha, to think that he became Britannia, a place almost in the subway, at the bar, fashion and success, where I am, at least I always have. You can’t talk about the night asunceña, not to mention the Brit. Q. E. P. D.”, before working on the railway, journalist and broadcaster Diego Marini.

“Place of worship, more good food, drinks and the best beer, the best place to share with friends from the 90’s, thanks to its owner and its employees, QEPD Flies Britannia Pub,” said the actor and comedian Walter Evers.

You can add a large number of customers, thanks and expressing their condolences. However, not all of them good memories.

Britain also became known for its policy of repression of the LGBT minority+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual, transgender, intersex, and more), led by Alphonse.

Immediately, after many years, there have been numerous complaints of people that were piled into the bar and show affection to your same-sex partner, or just to look or Express themselves “differently”.

“Died ?????????? the owner of Britannia. Message nice middle of this shit,” wrote chef Leo Malatesta

“I got kicked out of this place, and I won’t forget how I wanted to disappear, and he could feel the stares, the shame, the helplessness, could not be if Todes them that I have seen, and leave my sin? It held the hand of the guy who was invited to dinner,” shared another user of the Internet.


In November 2012, hundreds of people came out to demonstrate against Britannia, and then to make public alleged harassment of the entrepreneur to the partner.

In August 2016, the young woman said she and her friend were closed only to sit very close to each other. The other couple has gone through something similar, though, if seized by the hand and exchanging signs of love.

Complaints have open a fan page on Facebook under the name of Asuncion in the Flowers, where many Internet users shared their bad experience.

Otherwise, posting on the website Britannia pulled one of the Welt if we take into account the sexism and chauvinism of the “cosificar women”.