Reacted to flirting Khloé Rob Kardashian and Natti Natasha

Lately Rob Kardashian and Natti Natasha began a fun and sexy flirting through the social network. And it was only a matter of time Khloé Kardashian you fear God, and decides to intervene.

It all started when the interpreter ‘Without a stitch’ published the photo, which is posing without clothesand that Rob Kardashian replied: “Oh, Hello.”

Soon after, the singer commented videoin the list Dream Kardashian (daughter Rob): “Oh, Princess, God bless!”wrote Natti.

But that was the last interaction between Dominican singer and the brother of Kim Kardashian I woke intrigue, Khloé:Happy father’s day! You dad is great, very well know. May God bless you. See you soon“says the latest review in Twitterfrom Natti Rob.

“I hope that we will see very soon”was the answer ex Blac Chyna.

Rob Kardashian touting their amazing physical changes

How did you react, Khloé Kardashian up to last flirtation between Rob Kardashian and Natti Natasha? I review virtual!

Rob, what’s going on here? Who is this girl?“I asked Coco and his younger brother.

Look, calm down, I’m just trying to watch the Dodger game“was the answer Rob.