Rosalia again puts on manicure (extra) long and custom colors more vivid

Rosalia already more clan The kardashian-Jenner and this WEEKEND, and we showed a number of videos in the mansion, Kylie Jenner, being a member of the celebration intimate and personal between the family. Singer Sant Esteve-Sesrovires succeeded in the world of music -and between star systemand there is one feature: unique and striking that it is “hand in hand” their nails. New nail art promisesagain , will not leave anyone indifferent and is represented in the scale, the lighter -Yes, of course -.

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Rosalia was inspired by one of the characters of the most famous water in the world to decorate your nails, and the result will be the original

Although a few days ago startled his fans KLKthe theme in collaboration with the Ark, ??? -Travis Scott is a single that sounds today. If you recently showed the love that I feel for this work in the form of a Gold necklace and shiny now again to remember something important that he had for her manicure. Size XXLwith degradé from yellow and orangethe logo (???) remains, for medium silver color, to become part of the style, this (new) project.

Rosalia Several Tkn 02

Shape pointed back to remind us that this type of manicure is a favorite of “Rosalia”.

Photo | Instagram @Rosalia.vt