Rosalia becomes Kardashian more

Rosalia left the residence of his manager, Rebecca Leon in Miami where was the state, wrapped in those months of imprisonment, to travel to Los Angelesin the state of California.

The singer did this in order to contact, no more and no less than in the case of birthday Khloé Kardashianthe fact that she is 36 years of life. As in the little Stormi, Khloé said that all sorts of quirks: one pillow with face in order to play his daughter and his niece, biscuits in the form polaroid photo edible print a variety of pink balloons scattered throughout stay, hearts, candles that float in the pool…

After rumors appeared which pointed out that Kylie Jenner and Rosalia put the end of a beautiful friendship, in the little Kardashian has been tasked to identify that the Queen Tra-infor was one of those invited to this wonderful event.

Kylie Jenner he posted a video where you can see Rosalia bow pulling Kendall Jennerwhich is lying on the couch. In these photos you can also see Travis Scott, father, daughter Kylie and colleague of the singer of Catalonia ‘TKN’, his latest single.

But Rosalia, she can see fully integrated the jokes in this TV family, which is the recording of the new season, its reallity show ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’. As we can see, as Rosalia in this series, when estrenen?

It was a lot of joking on social networks about it, Kylie Jenner and Rosalia spent the symbiosis that was physically in one person (mane, nails, outfits, curves…), but now it seems that Catalan moves like a fish in water in this clan so seem to have become a family member.

So good, should be the relationship with the Kardashian-Jenner that to Rob, only brother, of these, started to follow Instagram artist (and the fact that there is a very limited number in a row in this social network. In total, only 31 of the bill).

Los Angeles, as well as the place of residence Billy Eilish and his brother Finneas, with those who have more earrings to cooperate. if this is the moment to meet for polishing on and finally see the light?