The focus – On Cardi B le hall “in tigueraje” Dominican without fear controversial


Without hair on the tongue, with complete candor, and not be afraid of anything or anyone. Yes, it appears rapper of Dominican origin Cardi B in any convenient position, as it happens since yesterday, when, in addition to Studio trilogy, the creation of new controversy, this time for the post, which was relatively strip of the flag of the Dominican Republic and Haiti, opening the discussion, which mixed all kinds of reviews.

Their spores are in-hand a growing career. Bercalis Almánzar, his real name, you have a little time in the music industry, acolchonada in the life of hard faced in its kind.

In five years at artistic media made a scandal with his growing career, paying attention to its path, and leaving their footprints strong woman, bold and with an excess of honesty.

Disputes this year

The first disputes Cardi B this year began in March, when ?????????? My Sepede that endilgó some epithets, and then explain that you never took drugs, I wouldn’t want a ballerina.

In June of this year, their application Instagram caused a wave of negative comments when I shared photos of the flag of the Dominican Republic and Haiti, and, according to the artist, was subject to misinterpretation.

Was as strong comments from yesterday in the social networks that Bercalis annoying and vowed never to return more in the Dominican Republic nor in the country.

“I will never return to talk about the Dominican Republic will never come back to talk about the Dominican Republic. I always feel that represents the Dominican Republic because I love the people in the Dominican Republic, I love being a Republic. The fire of my heart, how I act, because sometimes we are, but I am not going to the Dominican Republic,” he said with pain in his voice in his accustomed “live” night.

Fight with Nicki Minaj

Disputes are conducted already for a long time, date. Fight with rapper Nicki Minaj at the Harpers Bazaar party in September 2018, during Fashion Week in new York, was the main topic of discussion in the tabloids. Since then, he has won in his position, the strong woman and seemed to mimic the style of the “tigueraje in the Dominican Republic.”

This time Cardi banned for Minaj, but was detained by the guards of the singer. And finally, new York took one of his heels, though he did not hit his opponent.

This year, the rapper gave food the tabloids. Was the subject of abuse by also rapper Azealia Bank, which led to new York to delete your account in Instagram.

The Life Of Cardi B among the successes, to argue and good news in his personal life, as that was published in June 2018 about your wedding and her husband, rapper Offset. Among the successes was the winner of three awards from ten nominations that are received at the MTV Video Music Awards (VMA).

One month after coming to the police in new York, in a dispute at a strip club in Queens, depending on power. It will be more sad Christmas, because in December announced in their social networks that allocated Offset.

Then decided to continue with it and to forgive the alleged infidelity: “When my husband and I had our problems, they already know, infidelity, and so; I decided to stay on your website and work with him.”

Then he added: “a Lot of people will enfadaron with me, many women claim that decepcioné; but in real life. If you love someone, and privas, it is you deprimes and social networks saying that does not speak, but inside you’re really happy until you can say,” admitted the rapper.

Entered for 2019 and rapper considerably, becoming the first woman alone to win the Grammy award for Best Rap Album, with “Invasion of Privacy”.

At the beginning of this year to 2019 are faced with a difficult choice refusal to take part in Super Bowl 53 in Atlanta. Then he said it was a difficult decision, because her husband, rapper Offset printing, loves football, but had to keep Kapernick because “defended” against minorities.

Kaepernick helped start, from 2016 on a wave of protests left during the national anthem in order to raise awareness about police violence, racial inequality and other social issues. These actions burned down a storm policy if social justice has to be corrected in the competition of the League NFL.


Lasts youth.

Only 16 years Bercalis joined the band USA Blood. Soon he was home and went to live with her boyfriend, the one that suffered violence.

After an abusive relationship and to be without money, was a stripper, a profession which he held for five years, and acted with dignity, especially when he saw wrapped up in the fame that he now loves his 27 years.

It took the name fame cast of the sixth season of the reality show “Love and Hip Hop: new York” (2015). Since then to deal with his past and overcome such expressions as recognition that drogaba and robbed of his customers when she was a stripper. With great courage, Cardi B is faced with the situation, explaining that he isn’t proud of his actions and confessing that he had to do a lot of things to survive.