The judiciary desliga imprisonment phone of Santo Domingo este

Santo Domingo.- The judiciary explained that has no control of and responsibility for the car of the Prosecutor of the Republic (PGR) as a prison for your in the vicinity of the Palace of Justice Santo Domingo este.

“The judiciary is not responsible for the prison system, or the representation of persons deprived of their liberty, so they could be presented in court. Palace of Justice is the place of the Judiciary, not prosecutors,” said the Agency in a press release.

In this regard, he quoted the point And article 149 of the Constitution, which States that “the judicial function consists in the administration of justice for a decision on conflicts between natural or legal persons in private law or public, in all kinds of processes, speaking and making you run the court.”

The information referred to in paragraph II of the same article, under which the courts do not use the additional features that had the Constitution and the law.

“The Prosecutor’s office to / from persons deprived of their liberty shall hold a hearing virtual because they do not have equipment and law enforcement agencies helps in headquarters; they should, at the end of the audience, to move them back to the criminal case,” added the Judiciary.

The statement refers, in addition, in paragraph II of article 169 of the Card Freedoms, according to which “this law regulates the functioning of the penitentiary system under the supervision of the Prosecutor’s office or another body for this purpose will be created.”EFE