They are demanding that Kim Kardashian and her makeup Beauty KKW


They are demanding that Kim Kardashian and her makeup Beauty KKW

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Kim Kardashian going through a legal issue, after the company in relation to brand development Seed-Beauty of filing a claim to the line of cosmetics diva reality show: KKW Beauty.

According to documents obtained by TMZ, June 19, signing star Keeping Up with the Kardashians may jeopardize the trade secrets of the plaintiff.

The average American learned that Seed-Beauty appealed to the judge an injunction to prevent KKW Beauty to disclose their trade secrets and commercial practices magnate cosmetics Coty Inc.

Seed-Beauty assured that suffered such a threat in 2016, the former parent company of Kylie Jenner, Kylie king”. Coty bought at the end of 2019 51% stake in Cayley Cosmetics $600 billion.according to “Forbes”.

When Kylie and Kochi came to an agreement, trade Finance, Seed-Beauty warned that Kylie not to disclose a trade secret, but the youngest of the Kardashian clan-Jenner no work on the computer gave them no concrete security guarantees for their business models to fit.

Seed-Beauty is afraid that if Coty buys the company Kim, your valuable information is at risk even more, to be disclosed.

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