What KARDi B tried trolear in Ariana Grande using a false account in Instagram?

In Cardi B depends on the extravagance and respect, both in music and in everyday life. But if something was very clear this weekend that I don’t agree with gossip or slander. That the singer was seen wrapped in a murky situation after British newspaper to make sure that handle secret accounts in Instagram. This is with the aim of “trolear a few artists in particular. However, the diva took to the step to explain this strange statement by the tabloids.

Not without reason, a translator from “I like it” defended those who accused him of such meeting: “I Woke up and saw that they were trying cancelarme Internet and said “what the fuck?’ I had no idea what happened, I did nothing. Now I see that there are those who say that about me in Instagramor they think I’m 15 or something? Saying that Lil Kim, my stylist, my makeup artist is still in the profile, something that is completely fake”.

But the fact that the explosion on the rapper 27 years, the rumor was that he may have created this account to “trolear” on artists Megan Thee Stallion and Ariana Grande. That flatly refused: “as for the rumors of Ariana, I have no problems with it, why speak on his behalf? Even I like his music and I never… look, I don’t know. Never argued with him, so why talk about it? If you don’t know a lot of them”.

But Cardi B did the same thing when she also noted that he has nothing against Megan and said, “Not so. I’m not saying people like that, so when they see me with the same people, with my family. Stop coming up with lies.” I don’t care what you want cancelarme other things, but please do not lie about me. It’s tedious and very annoying”.

So with these words the American was thrown to the ground all the rumors and speculation in respect of any rivalry between her with the other stars. However, these last few weeks have been very active for the singer, as recent statements against the President of the United States Donald Trump steel viral infection. In his opinion, the leader should take other measures to support the population of African Americans in this country, taking in George Floyd.