Workout Shakira: prepares for Super Bowl


Intermediate Super Bowl this year is the essence of America. Since then, as we learned that Shakira and Jennifer Lopez take the stage together, next 3 Febwe are confident that this will be a spectacular show. 15 minutes is what it takes show, live music, which requires energy, and at high physical activity. Therefore, the singers are preparing for the conscience to cope in the best way. We have already seen on Instagram, like J. Lo’s, and practicing since September with her husband. And now we know for sure what exercise, Shakira, because he was their coach, who shared with Shape magazine.

Shakira at the closing of the Davis Cup

Shakira at the closing of the Davis Cup

Anna Kaiserthat also worked with other celebrities like Karlie Kloss) and Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim ordered training in Colombia. He explained that the artist, as usual exercise four to five days a week with a focus on two parts: cardio and toning. So, as usual, had rehearsed their numbers singer.

“To work cardio combines dance choreography in the intervals of strength exercises“explains Kaiser. These last can include lifting weights, dumbbells or machines. As for the details, toning,: “45 minutes ” muscular endurance”. Believes that in this case, the singer is practicing Pilates, suspension from the panel or exercises aimed at core.

“In addition, Shakira events, facts, events” that involve cardio training more comprehensive,” said the coach. And although he admits that the work you do is difficult, also recognizes that he plans to raise the intensity of your workout as you approach the date of the Super bowl. “We’ll probably do an intense workout,” he says. “Undoubtedly, will make high performance”.