Zoe Kravitz: still in their Teens shy star


Everyone can imagine that as a child the daughter of singer lenny Kravitz and actress Lisa Bonet, it was like a fairy tale. But Zoe Kravitz has admitted in an interview for Elle USA, rather, it was a horror story, because today is one of the most popular models in the world the young man felt an ugly duckling.

Zoe Kravitz was 11 years old when she moved from new York to Miami to live with his father. There he started his martyrdom: it does not fit to a prestigious University, where he studied. In most of the girls were white, blonde and slim. Skin color and mane ruffled desterraban this, a group of young people who embody excellence. “I was a normal teenager. A bit llenita, with a kind of pimple, and we love t-shirts”– he recalls. The standard of beauty that surrounded her in acomplejaba and not just in school.

Nicole Kidman, Sally and lenny Kravitz, when Zoe had to request a new password;in

Nicole Kidman went out with lenny Kravitz when Zoe was little

And that the house wasn’t getting any better. Besides the constant example of his precious and delicate mother, Zoe was beautiful “stepmother”, the sensational traveling home. The actress recalls that on Nicole Kidman, with whom he worked in Big Little Lies, was secretly the bride of her father. And look at this bellezon in the house, wore on my nerves. “I was a teenager angry with her”she says. Fortunately, time has put everything in its place, and now considers her a sister.

Zoe doesn't SET the other bride his father, adriana Lima

Zoe didn’t take the other bride’s father, adriana Lima

But, of course, who has already scored was a supermodel adriana Lima. “I did everything possible to be gentle with me, but I didn’t give him a chance. I did not like because it was so beautiful… that I could not be“he admits.

At the age of 15, Zoe, I hated the way he returned the mirror so inquina that I graduated from a bulimic. Their parents discovered what had happened to him, he moved to new York. But in the end realized what had happened, and got that to do therapy.

Within 10 years of struggling with bulimia, and now of 31 years, was thrown back into this hell. In addition, one of the most appreciate at the time, has a promising career as an actress. This year, not moving forward, we will see, it covers the skin, giving life “cat woman” and, carrying the head of Robert Pattison), which is interpreted as the Batman. A great triumph for the ugly duckling that eventually found the Swan, which he wore inside.