4 myths of the exercises that Kirsty Godso believe


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Adriana Lima (Credit; Shutterstock)

If we are talking about training, there are many myths and misconceptions (tell a lie). And let’s be honest, all ends is so complicated that even removes from us the desire to go to the fitness center. So we asked Kirsty Godso on.k.on. Queen life-fit and Nike Master Trainers, what are the things that certainly we need to stop believing.

1. Women should not make pancakes

Fear of weight, has no equal, and, in particular, that it is in women. But in fact, is one of the best ways to maintain that muscle mass (or flaquito, but serviceable). The more we support it the muscle, the more calories you burn when your heart rate is in the standby mode. If you want a toned body, you need to make a few pancakes and less HIIT.

2. Vegetarianism is the best

Can that many people in their personal Affairs, them to work more this kind of diet. But not necessarily better for everyone, for many women, they are better, running lean protein when they want to tone your body. In fact, supplements, vegan protein have a level of toxicity much higher than an animal.

3. Never a couple of sessions

Sobreentrenar body (overtraining English) it could be worse. Many people think that to do more exercise, gives the best results, but not. To do it more efficiently, not necessarily intense. Called “laziness ” strategic” and focused on the fact that, rest and sleep. The latter is important for good performance.

4. All bodies are equal

It is important to pay attention to our achievements and stop comparing yourself with others. In particular, Instagram and social networking, there’s nothing worse than body shaming. In the end, each of us has a different body, and if something you don’t like, change it. But do it customized shapes, returning to the differences not because something is not working, someone else means to you. And if you like your body like even better.