A confession, an intimate Page Spiranac: playing without underwear


Every athlete knows that clothing affects to a greater or lesser extent on their performance, and each fighter has their own ways to dress, to be more cmodo at the moment to compete.

GolfConfidencial.- />Talked about this famous golfer Paige Spiranacwith a large number of followers in social networks, especially in Instagram, which gained nearly 3 million fans.

Former professional player at the age of 27 years, the comments that you don’t use underwear when playing Golf, a sport which is played professionally in the period of 2015 and 2016.

“As a rule, do not use underwear, but that’s because the use of shorts and too many layers if you are all put. Usually use the included shorts below my skirt or just use the shorts but not underwear.”Revel in your podcadst ‘Playing A Round’.

Paige Spiranac

Spiranac, the comments recently, which was rejected by charities who think that the use of ‘v is pronounced does not give a good picture of that in Golf, as well as brought him consequences.

Paige Spiranac confes that for many years has undergone various failures in the form of clothing and, being a fan of the neckline, some organizations did not accept his help, and the last, which was supposed to help children without means, one of the most painful.

“I wanted to help children who have nothing, because I crec, with nothing but the answer was “we can love him, but after what the members of our Council, you see, you can’t help.” I could not do for my beloved”to say Spiranac.

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