Amaia Montero returns to Instagram photos, very summery

Show business

Singer Amaia Montero has already made it clear to their followers on social media who only post photos, current from day to day, when so decided, “comfortable”, a few months ago that in addition to the rock band van Gogh’s Ear, openly acknowledged that I needed to escape from the bustle, to relax, to think, in his own words, “treat” after starring another way to tone in the virtual world.

Well, last Sunday by the Basque re-appeared on his account Instagram photo, which shows clearly his last physical change -the artist has lost weight significantly and at the same time so calm and unobtrusive, which is immersed in the summer time, which are in the garden of his house.

“Sunday in summer in the house…”, – wrote the interpreter in the description of the photo, which poses support the tree, decorated to save the dress, which includes all of Frida Kahlo and to wear armbands and goggles, next to a smiley face, heart, yellow.

In recent months, Amaia Montero, has not ceased to update your profile on the platform with photos and videos, not too much of the latter that in some cases they were tied to their years of successful groups, who threw to fame as a solo career. During this season, in addition, the artist was devoted to them body and soul, how to make a new work experience.

“When it is deemed necessary, I will do all you need to do… the last thing I need right now is already pressure… I Know you love me and put yourself above people hand because of me, I have like I have for you and hope that these… Now just need to heal and be calm and without pressure of my new album, the singer from turning 43 years old in your profile.