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In Rising Sunthe right of ownership of the entrepreneur on the show, David Geffen, founding partner at Steven Spielberg’s Dreamworks studios and producer of such films as Pirates of the Caribbean, to watch these days in the waters of the Balearic Islands. On Board will be a large number of millionaires, the founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos with his new girlfriend Lauren Sanchez, while Sergey Goldman Sachs Lloyd Blankfein. Also they are using it the founder of Thrive Capital, Joshua Kushner (brother-in-law of Donald trump) and his wife Karlie Kloss, heir oil Mike Hess or Creator of the company of consultants K5 Global, Michael Kives, former adviser to bill Clinton.

His presence was discovered the image, which the Geffen has published in his Instagram along with the text: “Having a great time in the Balearics“(Pasándolo in the largest of the Balearic Islands). Entrepreneur, almost retired, participates in the work of charity organizations. Considered one of the luxury boats are the most beautiful in the world Rising Sun was purchased in full Geffen in 2010, after being your friend, Larry Ellison to sell him a 50% chance that he belongs to her. Since then, Geffen, as a rule, the ship’s anchor in the coastal villas and invite on Board, a lot of friends, which he acquired for more than four decades dedicated to the entertainment industry. The yacht has passed since then, like Obama, who visited on a cruise in Polynesia, Bruce Springsteen and Leonardo DiCaprio. Last month visited the ship Orlando bloom and Katy Perry, who were joined shortly after, Oprah Winfrey and Bradley Cooper.

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Fun in Mallorca

Publications with General David Geffen (@davidgeffen)

The ship has five decks and 82 rooms with Jacuzzi, Spa, wine cellar, private cinema with a large plasma TV, and even a basketball court. According to the newspaper ForbesGeffen is 73º US richer. His fortune is estimated at 6,800 billion UAH, divided into stocks, real estate investment and valuable collection of works of art.

Geffen is openly living his homosexuality, what he has done for magazines, companies, interested to know with whom to share your life at any time, if in the past supported an intense love relationship with cher that managed to finish the marriage in case the contractor has not taken the decision to leave Geffen for the musician Gregg Allman.

But the couple that grabs all the attention, is an essential Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez. Divorce Bezos had a surprise in early January and put it in the richest man in the world in a strange condition, as shown in the figure. the press rose.



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