Blac Chyna, “destroyed” for revenge in the Network, Rob Kardashian | People & Famous

Blac Chyna became the unintended hero of dozens of owners last week when he expareja and the father of her daughter, Dream, Rob Kardashian published in Instagram photo Nude in the fit of rage and jealousy. Model and entrepreneur, and the lesser-known of the Kardashian family maintained relations of the enterprises from the beginning of 2016, who themselves took it upon themselves to look at their own reality show. And if “revenge porn” as it is called, Rob Kardashian spent on your account in Instagram, the answer is Blac Chyna was also before the society: “on TV.

With team photos and posts, Rob Kardashian accused him expareja from a concerned infidelity to pay him $ 100,000 for its completeness and aesthetic drugs. Several attacks, which moved to your profile on Twitter when Instagram shut down the account because of the intimate photo Blac Chyna.

This Monday, in the first time with the latest scandal, starring one of the Kardashian’s. “Of course, I was devastated. I thought how could someone publish these pictures for me?” said during an interview for the program Good Morning America the string “Abc”. “This person sure. I just feel betrayed,” was convicted. “He doesn’t respect me, so if I can not read, have to respect the law,” was sentenced confirming that he plans to file a lawsuit against its expareja. China assured that he wanted to tell the first time that has happened on cable if that helps any other women in your situation.

This is the first thing China, 29 years after the scandal that he would not accept anything good that the Kardashian sisters —though China ensures that no one in the TV clan has been in contact with her after the incident. But the truth is that the acts of China have said about her: “I hired a powerful attorney Lisa bloom, who appeared sitting next to her on the TV, and confirmed that on Monday will ask for an injunction temporary Rob Kardashian, 30 years old.

“Revenge porn is a crime, forms of domestic violence,” said the lawyer in the television program, in which the main character of the story confirmed that he had suffered one episode of violence by her today exprometido in the month of April. Although it is not brought charges against declared Rob Kardashian, with whom China has rejected any possibility of reconciliation, so she wants to share custody of their daughter, a total of eight months. He, according to TMZ, hired attorney Robert Shapiro, who worked with his father in the MEDIA, protection of OJ Simpson.

Before that the accused, want to get fame and fortune, and use one of the names, more economical conditions secular he wanted to make it clear: “I’m Angela white. I Blac Chyna… and there was Blac Chyna before Kardashian”.

Her lawyer, who has represented other stars like Kathy Griffin or Mischa Barton probably forever. “Mr. Kardashian, beware: revenge porn is illegal. In ciberbullying in expareja this persecution. China had finished their relationship a few months ago, and has every right to live her life as she pleases, work where I want, dress how he wants to go with anyone and to maintain a relationship with anyone. We believe that this issue is very important to protect the rights of all women, given that many girls and women were in their insultadas exparejas. His attempts avergonzarla and control it, being rejected is real. It’s your body and your choice. His life, his choice. Increase the distance”, published in your Twitter account announcing who was his new wife.