DC is committed to continue the success of ‘the Joker’ and preparing more movies an R rating

Warner Bros. was a ‘Joker’ long-awaited lifeline, something to remove him from the pit in which I was. Following the successful that was in the trilogy “The Dark Knight Rises” in 2012, followed by terrible failures as” Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice ” and “Justice League”, so your next move video Superman and green Lantern will be the rating of R.

We should not forget the success that was “Aquaman’, because of the tape Arthur Fleck, collected more than billion dollars in global box office each. To the extent that he is looking for Director for “The Trench’, a spin-off about a group of mating sea creatures that were part of the film, Jason momoa, on.

It is clear that this film was not classified for adults, however, the global coverage, which was the film Todd Phillis has not gone unnoticed, it turned out that the hole was Marvel movies, tell stories for the whole family, thus bypassing the adult audience wants to see something more tied to the harsh reality so come new productions with more serious content.

Superman was already two restarts in the last 13 years first, with Brandon Routh, who starred in “Superman Returns” and “after” with Henry Cavill for the movie “Man of Steel”, but not won a resounding success, and although you gave the idea of new products, the best idea is to give a more adult approach. This part in the both long-awaited crossover ‘Crisis on Infinite album,’

big appetite superhero movies rated R and if Marvel isn’t going to make a step forward, it gives the opportunity for DC, take advantage of this audience,” said Jeff Bock, analyst for Exhibitor Relations for Variety.

While on the website Green Lanter, version 2011 it was an absolute disadvantage, but they want to revive the franchise, as the place says that the script works, but not even just to see if Warner Bros. interested to invest in something that can be series for Warner Media streaming service that we need new projects to attract audience, as it will have competitors like Netflix and accommodation Disney+.

To further the expected path of redemption that fans demand, it seems that it is better to think that films, Superman and green Lantern will be an R rating, but BB should be clear that success does not depend on the rating, but good stories too long to tell and this is something that does not seem to be remembered from 2012.