Dove Cameron Boyce had a very special friendship


All friends in life, they people you know can achieve in the end-in different ways, but people who stay and make this difference very small.

Among the famous is very difficult to create bonds of friendship, even more when there is a connection good between a man and a woman, people often confuse it with the other senses.

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The chemistry between Dove Cameron and Cameron Boyce he was a special, special, that is why many people want to have it as his friendship, because they were very close and relied on each other.

So here we leave you 5 reasons why these two should not have friendship goals:

❤ You listened to and supported in their projects by yourself 100%, one was for another and Vice versa.

❤ Can discuss any topic, had fun together, but they also knew was friendship very profound.

❤ Despite all the problems, they knew that at the end of the day they have so much that didn’t matter, the rest, the trust that they created was so strong that it felt like family.

❤ Two taught the vision of the world to another was relatively full information.

❤ Friendly relations not only occurs when two people are in the plane of the earth, even beyond the scope of this feeling is present, Dove started the project after leaving his best friend and he did a tattoo with his name, proving that was always with him and skin.

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