Galn scares all the black cats – Sports news


Míchel was looking look. Eugeni will fugaba with passengers corregidora his master, retreated in search of a stream of water, soda, not to interpelar. Sergio Gomez has swallowed rough. It was a few minutes of energy, time, very much alive in the gestures and discussions, with a quarter of an hour of the game, but a sick feeling after a rest and a worse prognosis. Was nerves. He knew that this draw was the condemnation, looking in the rearview mirror, and throw a forgotten desire immediate entrance and start making balls with the points that need to be stored, to make sure the factor in the playoffs.
Until came on a dark night Javi Press, and changed everything with its light, gave it a flip in the Huesca goal. One corkscrew curls with triple the terminally depressed. Ten Attention. As Simone Working Days. One pirouette on the future and the past cenizo. It’s revenge for the draw Angle of the previous week, it’s a penalty that allowed Cadiz to load the points in the Alcoraz and a large piece of hope vída in the field of Huesca region. It is a curse direct, in the end, where they were, came a blow in the thigh of the opponent, the defeat in Girona and the other three draws with Elche, Oviedo, Extremadura and when raised her arms in victory. Nine points with current. For Dida in the Press the expulsion of all black cats as unlucky.

Everything changes. This deviation is in the hand between Reef World and Cristian Alvarez, who so well managed the left side, tempering the ball, amagando, standing side transmission beam of fire and hope mesh blackened from Derby. Says Sobrarbe, Striped, Monegros, in Guara, throughout the province, to add three and climb up to 58 points, a short walk from the arc de same Zaragoza, ganándole play-off, particular. The decision to stay six to eighteen in the dispute, be three parts hunting.

There is a tradition in Alto Aragon to hang a Thistle on the door. Say Yes, fun, to consider their own spikes, and witches fleeing in the night, and not included in other people’s apartments. The press ran with this bad farios aguijonazo in Zaragoza. Took the leap a bad output Luisinho clotting spiral for Salvi five days ago, allowing Cadiz to rescue a draw. Now Andalusian cuisine, after falling to Tenerife, staying four.

But it has been in Oviedo, the yield of fatal Polishing that have used Ibra to level up. Or in front of Extremadura, where the Joy stepped onto uneven after bad losses. Or at the martínez Valero, where Per Mile to connect until the next mistake, behind the Huesca region. Or Girona, when Alvaro Fernandez came to the grapes, ate at Insua and allowed a goal victory Itself SAIs. All, when there was minutes. All in the second round. But the Press ran in Bruges, the black cat, is getting worse and worse, HEX, such that swirled seconds before the striker who was so close To Jawad Yamiq.

The city of Huesca, also closes its winning streak of three matches without ganardespués that he will return to Malaga. This week will not be Míchel. Now he’s looking forward, I’m sure, six games, three from the competition that’s coming in, tightening the throttle (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Alcorcón and Basic) and three wells (Sports, Rácing and Artificial). And climb the shot.



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