Grant Gustin recalled the first crossover from the Arrowverse


‘The crisis he and his album “Infinite” will be the television event of the year, and this is, perhaps, adaptation, television, comics, the biggest and long-awaited, still, so as nostalgia, Grant Gustin spoke first Arrowverse crossover.

Event, you can see the heroes of The CW to meet to fight for the fate of the multiverse a struggle that you will see a list of exciting special event gives life to my version of the famous history of comics.

Will also be a new crossover, which will include a series that began Arrowverse, i.e. ‘Arrow’, production ” starring Stephen amell, was that ‘(The Flash)’.

Grant Gustin said the first Arrowverse crossover that he saw in the series “The Flash” and “Arrow’ to join in 2014 and sounds like experience, the actor showed that there were a lot of problems, from the point of view of his own costume, especially the mask.

“Block the light of the day, and I remember a paparazzi, who has blocked it. Steven, standing with her jacket Arrow and I got stuck in my mask to wear so unhappy, seeing in this essay the tricks,” said Gustin.

The first crossover from the Arrowverse was a ” Flash against. Arrow ” and included an episode of the first season of “The Flash” and one of the third season of ‘Arrow’.

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Crossover-saw Team Arrow to go to Central City and Team Flash to help cope with Roy Bivolowho uses his powers metahumanos to manipulate the emotions of people as well as Digger Harkness, a killer who is the owner of “boomerang”.

“Still not figured out how to use my mask. So, in the first nine episodes, I’m stuck for 12 hours in a row. Me and my mask”, he added Gustin.

The episode consisted of a sequence of the fight in the alley is the scene that Grant describes, but it seems that the situation with his mask stuck a little harder.

Grant Gustin recalled the first crossover from the Arrowverse giphy

Things certainly have come a long way since that first crossover, and fans will be able to see how far the premiere of “Crisis on Infinite album.’

The event will be much larger than the CURRENT is not tried in live-actioncombining symbols with six devices, current DC Comics on The CW ‘Arrow’, ‘The Flash’, ‘Supergirl’, ‘Legends of Tomorrow’, ‘batwoman’ and ‘Black Lightning’.