Hilaria and Alec Baldwin enjoying a family day with a “mini-army” in particular


Not surprisingly, Baldwin appeared in the midst of his children, but always attracts attention. It’s like a mini-army it was, Alec and Hilaria Baldwin I like the moments in the family of the complications that is supposed to be a lot. Carmen Gabriel, Raphael, Leo and Romeo never want to share their parents and always get conquistarnos with its tenderness and naturalness. This Friday we will be able to see come out to spend the day together and to go to eat, although with the lack of a third, small Leo.

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Hold strong small, that they are safe while crossing the street, Hilaria Baldwin clear it all madrasah. At that time, Alex manages at a distance, everything will be under control. Dressed in comfortable clothing and low-key -except for a small “Carmen” that looks like a few meshes in the Russian ruble five used a nice family moment on the streets Berverly Hills.

Hilaria and Alec Baldwin, the procession of carriages from the map a large family

Hilaria shared with his more than 468.000 followers Instagram some moments on this beautiful day Stories. First, given a walk in the Park, after finished and in the end had to eat in the restaurant of the city. Yoga instructor enjoyed the pasta salad and her daughter pizza plants nutrition and healthy.

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Carmen, the heroine all the attention from Baldwin for his fifth birthday

Alec and his wife welcomed his fourth son, Romeo, in may 2018. With this birthday, put the Golden brooch for his precious family. Quiet life Hilary was a real madness, which she loved Alec, and now lives between bottles, pacifiers and diapers but it feels very happy as assured in an interview that he gave HELLO! USEDdays after the birth of Romeo. Without a doubt, one of the families world’s most beloved ‘stars’. In addition, we are pleased that their children, Alec and Hilaria very much in love and they enjoy every minute together.

Hilaria Baldwin has a child from four months to release

Alec and Hilaria met in February 2011. and in June 2012 received the ‘Yes I want’ in St. Patrick’s Cathedral in new York. On the occasion of the fifth anniversary, the couple spent their ‘reboda’ in an intimate ceremony outdoors in the vineyards Wolfer Estate Winery, on long island, which was attended by family members and closest friends, among them, Ireland, the daughter of an actor was with the actress Who ??????????.