Hilaria and Alec Baldwin, in the end, will be the second girl


Show business

Famous actor Alec Baldwin was published in the middle of last year that his wife Hilaria wanted to have a fifth Rostock to try to give him a little his older sister Carmen, that at the moment there are only three younger brother and one sister who are older than 23 years old, Ireland, the fruit of the first marriage of his father, with Whom??????????.

In the end, the translator has succumbed to the pressure and in September of last year in the marriage, has announced that it expects another child after April Hilaria happened in the first miscarriage in the early months of pregnancy.Now a yoga teacher shared in your social networks to cute videos about how his brothers and sisters discovered sex, the next family member that she wanted to be a girl.

Alec and Hilaria decided to publish this information on their small cool game: Carmen (6), Rafael (4), Leonard (2), Romeo (1) got each doll is dressed in a blanket of white, and they had destaparlo to discover the color of clothing that he wore enter, indicate, if we invite you a boy or a girl.

“This girl,” he exclaimed excitedly Carmen as soon as she learned that her child a toy, he was dressed in pink.The section of our website, publishing has not slowed down messages for their friends and relatives, known to them congratulations on the occasion of happy events that will take place next year in the house.