How to achieve the makeup of the stars: their makeup, discover the best tricks in networking


Update 22/04/2020 23:23

Limited due to coronavirus Instagram has become a virtual escape. Procedures fitness”, “recipes” to implement our culinary skills, concerts online, as well as guru… beautiful they offered us something more tolerant quarantine share in their profiles, the makeup step by step, or rituals unchanged to boast radiant skin or to enlarge the eyes. If you want to know how it Catherine Zeta-Jones one person, ms terso and bright or to learn (finally) to your face contour of the hand makeup artist in Rosala, read on.

L trust the two most influential women that beauty should: Olivia Palermo and Meghan Markle. As well as the flawless beauty of actress Elisabeth moss have his seal. In connection with the quarantine Daniel Martin shared their best tips, test videos. “Always looking for harmony, not to indulge in excess,” about a makeup artist in an article published in the web client and great friend, Olivia Palermo. One maximum fiber optic beauty look wedding Duchess of Sussex the result is natural and radiant was the result of a database to be used only in the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin), and instead of a brush, “with hands” to go in the future wide dissemination of the product.”

If you’re already thinking about future images for various holidaysMartin also showed off one of their makeup favorites. Selected in February, Olivia Palermo to present its collection of fashion. “The version of the latest bold makeup and dramatic 80”, at makeup artist. “To achieve this shocking color, and gave shape to the cheeks and utilic cream shadow,” he explains. In the effect of velvet skin needs to be powder for the face Airbrush Flawless Finish Charlotte Tilbury, one of the best sellers of the brand, in order to minimize the disadvantages.

Karlie Kloss and Catherine Zeta-Jones are part of his client list. As to be heated without having to spend a fortune? In the case of Zeta-Jones, Oquendo decided to strengthen effect glow and pay attention look cats the actress, referring to eyelashes postizas and layout of eyeliner, does not exceed 10 euros.

Some cosmetic products are necessary? he showed it in the magazine Bryde. On the one hand, emphasizes the magical power of the mask Dr Dennis Gross by virtue of its decongestant and antiacn. One of his favorite concealer Maybelline Instant Age Rewind“it is rounded, so that leaves no clear boundary and blends with the tone” – he stressed. “If there is something I am known for on the red carpet, in to make eyes look bigger“he says. The mission is possible with the help of two allies beauty: all drops Lumify“the eyes are more expressive and no signs of redness, and eyeliner black Maybelline Hyper Easy liner, accuracy and durability. And for applying Foundation makeup or BB cream always uses brushes Shiseido Daiya Fude Brush.

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1. Mask Dr Dennis Gross 2.Shiseido Daiya Fude Brush 3.Conceals dark under eye circles Maybelline Instant Age Rewind 4.Drops Lumify 5.Maybelline Hyper Easy liner

All Champions face contour, Rosala and Kylie Jenner her shoulder to shoulder go. In the case of the Spanish flu, she resorts to l for a spectacular makeover some of his films as Cars and Couture for big events such as MTV Music Awards or the Latin Grammy. Judging by the stories that you can share his attitude is transferred at a high professional level and became good friends.

Thick eyebrows and a very sharp shadows in brown tones and nude lips usually General traits of their good makeup, and also have to sculpt the face, setting estratgicamente certain regions. You want to try? Hung on video step by step in his Instagram.

Among the stars of homeland, one of the maquilladoras the most popular is Natalia Belda (aka @natalia_natalita). She has Blanca Surez them camalenicos images of beauty with which the actress always brand trend. The goal of each job? “Improve the beauty of that man, one of the functions of makeup that can make happy all Democrats,” – noted in his direction.

For us, a little more fun, conclusion, Belda est sharing some tutorials in the network, which reveals its effective methods to extract from the match to the face. In the past teaches us how to strengthen a look. Why is it necessary? Shadows, light, textures, or light cream, the second dark shadows and eyeliner in cream to blur the mask for eyelashes and eyeliner dark or black. It explains in the video, step by step.

The make-up artist favorite stars – brush exercise to put even more beautiful Kate moss, Mariah Carey if Gisele Bndchenand he filled their nets video below during this quarantine take, to practice our skills in the shadows or blush. Among their expert advice in talking to us, admitted that “a good eyebrow makeup makes you ten years older”; to this end it is recommended: “fill in and correct the shortcomings of the shadow, cepillarlas up and then apply and light on the bone”.

Four picture of the year, we decided to make a dressing table and stand in front of the mirror, not to imitate (we now have a little more time) is a makeup in shades of champagne, bright and an absolute trend.