Instagram will delete the tab ‘Power’

It’s not like nadita on stalkers. And is that Instagram has confirmed that it will remove from the map “in Accordance with” the platform to stop going chismosotes… ooooohquela. Well, anyway, now Yes, can you give the fat all calenturientos this social network, because no one can see who he likes. *This news will not do that grace to people, blinds*.

And why this decision? Well, the Agency that is Instagram in Mexico, told us that many people said that there was something hidden this feature and without cause, it is clear to exist that the company decided to remove him forever from the platform, starting this week.

Photo: Buzzfeed news

It should be noted that this ‘controversial’ map, was created with the aim that more people were connected and the opportunity to learn more accounts, shared interests, but in fact, most users learn new materials in the option “Explore”.

On the other hand, bieeen know that this card is ‘in a Row’, she was loved to spy on everyone, especially the ex… and poses, almost never instagram well. Thus, Instagram, will be officially saying “goodbye” is a tool created in 2011.

Not so bad, friend-Stalker… also has arrived in dark mode

Not to give him trancazo light to your pupils, is now available Mode is “Dark” in Instagram for Android and iOS. This was confirmed by one of the goals of the platform through Twitter.

And there, in the lost… dark mode is, in principle, undo, typically displayed in the application and the operating system, or… instead of seeing the white background with black letters, you will see a black background. (My eye is not “as is” invert colors in iPhone settings, but here, Yes, brothers, in different colors and formats).