Instagram will start to hide likes


Social networks in General are always changing, and changing, and this is true also for services that are promoted on social networks. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and often, they suffer, by changing their services for different reasons, whether to make the algorithm more accurate, or to amend, the main same community. Last updated for Instagram it’s more towards the latter, as CEO Adam Mosseri discovered recently that they are preparing to hide the calculation in a popular service that I have experienced for some time.


Mosseri he opened the plan of action at Wired in San Francisco, saying that this is an attempt to intensify negotiations in Instagram and delete aspect of the popularity of the contest, publish on the website. The idea is that if you can’t look me like that you got a publication, but they will be used when you are really motivated, publish to so, something that will make conversations around each publication will be more organized, at least in theory.

instagram users
Instagram started to test changes in Canada and slowly added countries, such as Brazil, Australia and Japan, test. It seems that everything went well, so U.S. users can expect to join this start as soon as next week.

Now you can see how much more I like, got a publication in Instagram, but will only be available for the person who created the publication, not for all his followers.



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