Manager Conan Doyle, the demand for Netflix in the end, the film, Sherlock Holmes

Conan DoyleCreator Sherlock Holmesthe defendant Netflix in connection with the alleged copyright infringement in her recent production of the famous detective.

The film ‘Enola Holmes’, starring the actress from “Stranger Things’ Millie Bobby Brownthis adaptation Netflix series novel in Nancy Springer who believe that the detective is the sister of a teenager.

Although, in the other case the procedure of pre-established that the first novels Holmes they the publica new lawsuit claims that detective only expressed feelings women in the last 10 books, which remain under the control of Arthur Conan Doyle.

“Holmes was more warm. Returned able to establish friendly relations. Can Express emotions. Began to respect women,” he said, the demand placed on Tuesday, 23 Jun 2020. in Federal court In New Mexico.

The lawsuit alleges that Holmes shows only them feelings in the novels end, claiming that thus the description Springer and adaptation Netflix violates their copyrights.

Also specifies that in the case Doyle wrote the last novel, lost as a brother, as the eldest son in The First World War“It wasn’t enough that the nature Holmes beyond the limits of reason, rational and analytical brighter. Holmes must be the man.”

The document says that in addition to using the form of publicly available novels Springer copy of the original Message Conan Doyle in history it is still protected rights the author.

“Among other copied elements, novels Springer widely used by the rapist transformation Holmes in Conan Doyle the cold and mud in a warm, soft and kind in my relationships.”

In addition Netflixdemand is also aimed at Springerthe publishers Penguin Random House and producer of the last film, Legendary Pictures.