Metin Hara reacts to news about his alleged separation, adriana Lima


Recently there were Reports in the media, according to which things are not going well in the relationship Metin Hara and adriana Limaeven talked of divorce.

The pair responded to the rumors by sharing this photo, which shows them from hand to hand.

The two went photos on Instagram almost at the same time.

Think not adopted to Meten, and he also wrote the text for a long time showing their reaction to these Messages, here are some phrases from your posts:

“Although we are not very happy news that come out on our relationship that continues for a year using the obtained tolerance. But we are not actors, this scenario has nothing to do with reality. The sad thing is that called the press, they make unrealistic statements, not taking into account. We want you stopped receiving this type of messages, which have nothing to do with the reality that they have already reached the level of severity for both parties. Now we decide not to tell anything about our relationship, not to participate in false reports”.